At-Home Full Body Workouts

This post is a compilation of some content I have shared on Instagram and with my email subscribers during this time of quarantine when everyone is scrambling to find a set of dumbbells on Amazon that are actually still in stock. Do not fret my friends who are afraid of losing all their muscle mass, you can do some stellar at-home workouts with home goods!

Grab a textbook, grab a detergent bottle, or whatever you can find, because we are about to put your home goods to good use for these full body workouts. With simply your bodyweight and some make-shift weights you can do so much more than you’d think!

Note… I did not add “stretch” after each of these workouts because it felt redundant, but PEOPLE make sure you are stretching. I cannot tell you the number of conversations I have had with clients who didn’t start stretching until they get injured. No fun, my friends. Make sure you stretch 🙂

Textbook Full Body Workout

Down Dog x how ever much time you need to feel good 🙂
Runner’s Lunge x 8 total
Burpees x 5
**complete 3 rounds**

Textbook Bent Over Reverse Fly x 15
Textbook Hip Bridge x 15
Textbook Double Crunch x 15
Textbook Hip Bridge Chest Fly x 15
**complete 5 rounds**

Weighted Backpack Full Body Workout

High Knees x 30 sec
REST x 15 sec
Butt Kicks x 30 sec
REST x 15 sec
**complete 3 rounds**

Weighted Squat x 10
Weighted Russian Twist x 14 total
Weighted Front Press x 10
Weighted Reverse Alternating Lunge x 14 total
Weighted Toe Reach x 10
**complete 5 rounds**

Detergent Bottle Full Body Workout

Mountain Climbers x 20
Broad Jumps x 10
**complete 3 rounds**

Single Arm Hip Hinge Swing x 12 each side
Half Get Up x 10 each side
Sumo Squat to Single Arm High Pull x 10 each side
Overhead Tricep Extension x 12
**complete 5 rounds**

Chair Full Body Workout

Jumping Jacks x 20
High Knees x 30
Butt Kicks x 40
**complete 2 rounds**

Single Leg Sit to Stand x 5 each side
Tricep Dips x 10
Bulgarian Split Squat x 8 each side
Weighted Chair Bent Over Row x 10
Plank Alternating Heel Lifts x 12 total
**complete 5 rounds**

Sliding Sock Full Body Workout

Arm Circles x 10
Toy Soldiers x 10
Seal Jacks x 10
**complete 3 rounds**

Curtsy Lunge w/ Leg Lift x 10 each side
Mountain Climbers x 20 total
Hip Bridge w/ Heel Slide x 10 each side
Pike Ups x 10
**complete 5 rounds**

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