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Build Healthy Habits: Your Yo-Yo Diet Upgrade

Learn about how you can Upgrade Your Yo-Yo Diet. Coach Reed dives deep into what truly changing your habits looks like and how to get results which will change your life. Habits are common, and we all have them. However, optimizing your habits in the right way can take a really long time to figure out. Coach Reed’s approach provides exactly what you need to know to initiate change and the immediate steps you can do right now!

This course is for women to want to change their lives forever. Discover the principles of wellness and getting results. The core takeaways will help you whether you are just starting to think about changing your habits or are working towards your wellness goals every day. The course content is video-based and includes whiteboard working session instructional videos with your host, Reed. The course also includes 12 PDF worksheets (one for each learning module) to help your wellness journey. Follow along and document your progress as you learn and apply wellness principles.

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