Embrace the Unknown: Step into Gray Space

For some reason I am craving a blank open space right now: an untouched page that is ready to be filled. So here I am, filling it 🙂 The last couple months of my life have been a bit of a whirlwind. A lot of really incredible things have happened and I’ve felt shockingly low stress, considering the massive shifts I have made. I guess that’s a good sign… maybe I’m just becoming a more practiced mediator and child of God. Either way, I’ve spent much of the last few months making calculated moves to prepare myself for the next step and the next and the next. I’ve planned, I’ve made to-do lists, I’ve tracked my progress, I’ve told people my goals to help hold me accountable, I’ve read countless articles on how to dive into your purpose and I’ve prayed like it’s another job of mine. I’ve done a lot of things “right.”

Thought… maybe I’m craving a blank piece of paper cause I need a hot second of a break from structure…

Life is a beautiful ebb and flow of things and some moments are meant to be more structured, while others are intended to be soft. It all comes down to trusting the process; knowing that as you keep working toward your greater purpose it will all happen in time. My step away from corporate life and back into the wellness world, along with becoming an entrepreneur, are what keep guiding me back to trusting the process. It is key to find balance in doing your absolute best, with the structure you have, while also playing into the gray space of life. In this very moment, I am embracing a small dose of gray. I am enjoying this blank open page that is not outlined ahead of time, that doesn’t have any particular content attached to it and that isn’t intended to be a marketing piece for my business, but rather a sharing of my feelings in this very moment.

As I step into gray space in my life, where do you need to find some gray space in your life? I see a discomfort with middle-ground in many clients who have come off very structured eating or exercise protocols. There is a fear instilled over the many years of tracking, counting, avoiding, etc. that if there aren’t precise rules to follow, everything will crumble to bits. It won’t. I promise. One of the most beautiful steps of growth that we can take toward sustainable change is embracing the gray space; finding peace in a realm that doesn’t tell you which foods you can’t ever eat or what exercise you have to do every day. It requires a bit more listening to your body and a little less listening to the voices shouting at you to avoid all carbs, every last gram of sugar and all enjoyment you may find in food.

Moral of the story… gray is good. Whether you’re building a business or shifting your wellness principles, we can all use a little more practice of stepping into gray space, releasing the fear of failure, and embracing the unknown. We can only control so much, so let’s get gray 😉