Full Body Equipment Free Workout

This full body equipment free workout includes a circuit of combination exercises to switch up your at-home workouts from all the boring push ups and air squats I’m sure you’ve been doing while in quarantine. I love combination exercises to keep my mind engaged while working out and to be extra efficient in my workouts! Exercising should be fun, so blast some of your favorite jams and jump into the quick full body workout below!

Full Body Equipment Free Workout

Inchworms x 5
Windmills x 10 total
Air squats x 10

**complete 3 rounds**

Kneel to Stand x 10
Lateral Lunge to Curtsy Lunge x 8 each side
Push up to Plank Pike x 10
Extended Leg Crunch to Hip Raise x 12
**complete 4 rounds**


Here is a deeper dive into each of the exercises, if you are seeking more guidance! First up…

Full Body Exercise Breakdown

Kneel to Stand

This movement is a simple yet wonderful way to switch things up from basic squats and lunges. Start on your knees and stand up, focusing on driving through your heels as you stand. Be conscious of keeping your chest open, to avoid leaning forward as you stand.

Lateral to Curtsy Lunge

Seeking a good booty burn? This one does the job! Start with your feet together, step out into your lateral lunge and as you bring your foot back to stand, step straight back into a curtsy lunge. Notice that on the lateral lunge you are bending in only one knee, while on the curtsy lunge you are bending in both knees.

Push Up to Plank Pike

An efficient combination exercise that works both your chest and your core! Focus on getting full depth on your push up, whether on your toes or your knees, then lift your hips to finish with a pike. Pull your navel into your spine all the way through this exercise.

Extended Leg Crunch to Hip Raise

Let’s work both your upper and lower abdominals with this combination exercise! Keep your chin off your chest as you crunch up, gazing at your toes, and as your head lowers, drive your heels up toward the ceiling.

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