Get Out of Their Sales Funnel

Get Out of Their Sales Funnel – Don’t Let the Diet Industry Take Advantage of You TOO!

In the name of trying something new, I thought I’d include a little video of me reading the following article to you! (This is for all of you who prefer this type of media over written word ;))

This is the time of year that everyone is trying to find the “right fit” for making change: the right diet program, the right coach, the right gym, the right books to read. We are on a hunt for something that seems in alignment with who we are, while also showing proof that it actually works. When we finally land on something we often get this rush of excitement because we begin to envision what we could become, how we could feel and how we could look.

It’s good to be excited about something – that’s what fuels you in the beginning. It’s what allows you to take the necessary steps when starting to make change! You go to the grocery store with a renewed sense of excitement, you go buy new running sneakers with a pep in your step and you begin sharing your goals with those around you. These are all good things! 

BUT I challenge you to pause in this very moment and ask yourself one single question…

Can I see myself doing this [insert diet plan, new workout, etc.] in a year?”

And no, I don’t mean doing it for one month now, falling off the bandwagon and then attempting it again a year from now ;) I mean can you really see yourself making this a part of your lifestyle. Is this new approach sustainable?

Take a moment and reflect on that, because if it’s not sustainable what is the purpose in doing it? So you can tell coworker Susie that you are working on a resolution, for fear of her judging you if you aren’t? For the opportunity to post something on Instagram about breaking out the fresh workout gear? So you can put in hours of time, emotion and energy to simply erase all your hard work in three months? Why?

It pains me to think about some clients I have worked with who spent years and hundreds of dollars on programs, meal plans, and other non-sustainable approaches to be back at the same starting weight they were at, with an increased sense of dissatisfaction with themselves for their inability to “succeed” at any of these programs. And it’s not you, honey, it’s the program. Many plans out there are NOT set up for sustainable change. They are created with the intention of getting your before-and-after picture and then setting you loose and saying, “good luck out there in the big, bad, food-filled, sedentary world!”

The industry makes way more money off you spinning in circles, trying diet program after diet program, than you actually making sustainable change. When you make change, know yourself and understand what does and doesn’t work for you, you are no longer a part of their sales funnel. Yes, maybe you do a little nutrition reset here or there, possibly try a new form of exercise, but you are no longer trapped by their gimmicks and gadgets that promise to help you “shed the next 20 lbs.”


I challenge you this year to seek an approach that sets you up for success with your health; one that promotes sustainable change. And remember that even once you achieve your goal, maintenance is still a significant amount of work. There is no finish line. The ultimate goal is to so clearly understand why you are doing all of this, that sustaining a new approach a year from now doesn’t sound daunting, but rather delightful :)