Coach Reed Writing

My MOST Common Homework Assignment for Clients

I am a coach who feels strongly about not just inspiring others, but instigating action in others. Because let’s be real… how many times have you gone to an amazing seminar or watched a TED talk and walked away all fired up, to then do absolutely nothing with the information you just garnered. We’ve all done it. And quite frankly, if we took action on every piece of advice that came our way, we would be directionless and chasing down a million things at one time. BUT in the moments when you feel really fueled by a message or moment, lean into that and determine what you need to do for next steps to actually start working toward your goal.

Once someone has signed on with me as a coach, that is a clear sign that they are ready to start taking action, so I make it my duty to provide clear, concise and intentional “homework” assignments in each session. These are unique to the individual, unique to their goal and unique to the situation, but there is one very broad scoping solution that I have found myself assigning to my clients day in and day out. Here it is…


Log your food.

Log your exercise.

Log your sleep.

Log your hydration.

Log your energy levels.

Log your feelings.

Log it.

This isn’t to say that you should be logging all of these things at once, but if you have an area of your life that needs improvement, logging your tendencies is oh so powerful! Keeping a log allows you to look back and understand what is and isn’t serving you, along with helping you to notice patterns amidst your day. This information is often the key to determining what your next steps should be, to keep progressing toward your goal!

So what do you need to start logging this week? Choose one area of your life where you are struggling to gain clarity on what next steps should be. Start logging that area of your life and after a week or two of consistent logging, look back at your patterns to see where you can improve.

If you’re thinking “Geez, I have a million things I should be logging and don’t know where to begin,” then you know where to find me 🙂 I would love to connect <3