Weekly Wellness Habit Calendar

How to use the Weekly Wellness Habit Calendar

Use the Weekly Wellness Habit Calendar to track your habits, goals, and progress week by week. To Use:

  1. Click to expand the calendar for the month below that you would like to print.
  2. Left click and save it to your desktop.
  3. Open up the file on your computer and print.
  4. Print off a few months so you are prepared for consistent habit change!
  5. Hang up your calendar in a visible place, such as your refrigerator or office cork board - mark off each successful day 🙂

How to Set Your Weekly Goals

Making habit change is a day-by-day process that takes time and requires commitment. Small things like having a calendar to check off can be far more powerful than you may initially think! Here is some advice to consider when selecting your weekly goals:

  • Start with the habit you want to change most
  • Break it down - make your weekly habit goal so small and simple that you think "HECK YES I can do that!"
  • Recognize that it may take more than a week to build a habit - there is tons of research on this topic that all varies, so find what length of time serves you best
  • Take a "habit stacking" approach - week after week, continue setting small goals that build into a healthier lifestyle

Get to Your Goals Faster!

If you are thinking, "Reed, I don't even know where to begin!" or you want to get to your goals faster, I would love to connect! My wellness coaching services are centered on helping people make sustainable habit change.