VIDEO: Series Kick Off // Little Things I’m Loving

I am so excited to be kicking off a new content series with you all! Beyond the usual recipes and coaching advice, I want to start sharing some of the things that I am absolutely loving in my daily life. This will be a regular series where I talk about things in the world that are helping to improve my wellness and my happiness 🙂 I also thought you might enjoy a break from reading, so I turned on my camera rather than sharing my thoughts through the keyboard. Check out what I am loving most this week!

Here’s your quick snapshot of the items I discuss:

  • Lyric-less music –> in the Spotify app check out the “Focus” section under “Browse” for some great options to get you started!
  • Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein –> kiss your tummy troubles goodbye, plus it tastes great!
  • Running –> I’ve been adding more running into my routine and it feels incredible to hit the pavement again! As the weather warms up, get outside more and try using a half mile or mile run for your workout warm up.
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson –> excuse the profanity in the title, but this book is incredible so far!

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Series Kick Off // Little Things I’m Loving”

  1. Hi Reed!

    I’ve been eyeing that brand of bone broth but noticed it contains guar gum, something I’ve heard should be avoided. Thoughts? What have you heard?

    1. Hi Lynn!
      So fun to hear from you and great question 🙂 I wouldn’t be wildly concerned about guar gum as long as you are not consuming a ton of processed foods that contain it. Guar gum is actually less processed than many of it’s thickening-agent friends, like carrageenan, but it still has it’s own list of pros and cons! If consuming too much of it, some find that it negatively impacts their digestion, but if you are only consuming a bit and don’t notice negative side affects I wouldn’t be worried. Here is a great article that breaks down some of the pros and cons of guar gum!

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