Simple Steps to a Healthy Life

Avoid the fads and focus on what you want.

Learning how to focus on health with a fast-paced job and family can be hard. Add in a few roadblocks, and it gets even tougher! That's why I created a few simple steps you can use to build a healthy life.

Health In Today's World

Becoming and staying healthy in today’s modern world has become so darn complex.

Fitness and nutrition trends, along with the media, have created an expectation of us all to spend the majority of our waking hours thinking about our health in order to attain the utmost of wellness. I’ve seen many a client, friend, family member and coworker spend the vast majority of their time pondering how to stay healthy.

They spend time focusing on the next meal, the next workout, the next diet to lose those last 5 pounds and the next strategy to decrease their stress, all at the expense of things in life they would rather focus on: family, passions, work, friends, and more.

Imagine a life where you can move through your day focused on exactly what matters most in that moment. A life where maintaining your health becomes easy and it doesn’t have to consume all your waking hours. A life where you can find balance and peace through simple steps to a healthy life. It is my job to help you stress less, eat smart and move more through sustainable habit change that gives you the freedom to fully live life!

The Simple Steps to a Healthy Life

How can I...

Cultivate Mindfulness

Are you taking care of your mind?

Mindfulness is Key

Develop tactics to decrease stress throughout the day.

Deal With Stress

How do you react to things?

Tactics To Stress Less

Learn to take care of yourself.

Sleep Better

Are you getting a good nights rest?

Learn About Your Body

Understand how your choices impact your sleep.

Stress Less

We all experience stress. How we handle that stress is important.

Understanding stress in your life is key to your health and well being. This is often overlooked in favor of going on a new diet or exercise regimen, but stress levels and mindset are an important starting place when making change for your health!

Whether you need guidance to develop mindfulness practices in your daily life, or coping mechanisms for stressful situations that are out of your control, I would love to help you get a handle on your stress.

How can I...

Balance Your Nutrition

Are you an all or nothing eater?

Balance is Important

Achieve your goals while still enjoying your favorite foods.

Build Your Plate

What is on your plate?

Understand Your Macros

Learn how to balance your meals for success.

Meal Prepping

Are you setting yourself up for success?

Plan Your Food Ahead

Meal prepping doesn't have to be complex.

Eat Smart

Your body is fueled by the food you feed it.

Nourishing your body with foods that are both good for you and bring you joy is important. Learn to take a sustainable approach to your eating habits so you can still live your best life while achieving your goals.

From teaching about meal prepping to optimizing macro planning, I customize my approach to each individual client's needs!

How can I...

Get Regular Activity

Are you moving your body throughout the day?

Keep Your Body Moving

A body in motion stays in motion, so consistently move your body.

Intentional Exercise

Are your workouts getting you to your goals?

Smart Programming

Make the most of your exercise time with intelligent programming.

Mobilize Your Body

Does your programming include mobility work?

Make Movement Fluid

A body that moves well allows you to make the most of your workouts.

Move More

To feel your absolute best, activity and exercise is vital.

Movement has a myriad of benefits for our bodies that are most easily accessed when we are both active and working out consistently. There are many forms of exercise, and the best one is the one you enjoy enough to be consistent with.

Starting with daily activity and progressing to intentional exercise programming, I love coaching clients to celebrate their bodies through movement!

Seeking wellness or fitness coaching guidance?

If you are ready to take simple steps to a healthy life, check out my wellness and fitness coaching services! Together we will help you take steps toward a more balanced life. Remember… being healthy doesn’t have to be complex!

About Wellness Coach Reed

Hi, I am Reed, a certified personal trainer (NASM, CAFS, TRX, Pre + Postnatal), nutrition coach (Pn1, Pn2), and most importantly, a student of life.

SIMPLICITY is the name of the game when it comes to staying healthy and reaching your wellness goals. Whether you are a mom trying to get back into the groove, a young professional who is trying to be healthy with a desk job or simply someone who is sick of yo-yo dieting and ready to make sustainable change, I am ready to work with you and help you achieve your goals! I have worked with all sorts of women who are ready to make change and stop chasing the trends of the diet industry.

Through my last 9 years in the wellness space, I have seen, coached and learned many a thing that keep leading me back to the same principles of SIMPLICITY. We live in a world full of complex diet programs, precisely dialed-in workout regimens and detailed meditation protocols that are “guaranteed” to change your life. These complex plans have a place for people preparing to compete on-stage or in an athletic event, but for many, this is not the most effective way to be approaching health and wellness.

Let’s take simple steps to improve daily life, so you ultimately have more time to pursue the things you love most, for many years to come.