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"Working with Reed has changed my life! From our initial discovery phone consultation to each time we meet either in person or virtually, Reed takes the time to listen, understand my goals, challenge me, and keep me motivated! My customized workouts have helped me learn how to properly and safely lift weights. I love that Reed combines habit work with her workouts which helps me to stay focused throughout the week and continue working towards small habit lifestyle changes. I'd highly recommend working with Reed as she is professional, friendly, understanding, knowledgeable, and her personality and positive attitude lights up the room!

– Lora, personal training & habit coaching client

personal training client testimonial

“I met Reed 5 months ago when I started my journey at OrangeTheory Fitness. They told me that I could have a personal assessment with one of the coaches. I was very excited as this was not just a fitness journey but an overall life journey that included nutrition as well. I was lucky enough to meet up with Reed and have been so grateful she has been brought into my life. One of my favorite parts of Reed is that she not only looks at the short term goals (lose 5 lbs, etc.) but your overall health for your mind and body. She cares about you and wants you to understand that changes can take time but in time those changes will happen. After really connecting with her at OTF I started following her FitbyReed Instagram and blog. This was a GAME CHANGER for me! I absolutely love her personality and passion and it shows in her IG stories and blog. I am really focusing on nutrition right now and her educational videos of food labels and even easy nutritional recipes has been great for me. One more thing that I can’t thank Reed enough is her continued support in and out of the gym. When I send her a message in IG whether its a question on food, stretching, or even a picture of me fitting into jean I hadn’t worn for 3 years…Reed responds. That means so much to me. She truly cares about this industry and her energetic positive personality shows in all she does. I am thankful everyday Reed walked into my life.”

– Hilary, Orangetheory Fitness member

FitFeedByReed Orangetheory Coaching Testimonial By Hilary K.

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“I am so grateful to have worked with Reed. She is approachable, kind, and most importantly she is incredibly knowledgeable. She helped me understand how to live a more healthy life and helped me look into my stuck mindset around nutrition. She helped me unlock the stock parts of my mind that wanted to stick with unhealthy habits because they were comfortable and easy. Reed coaches in a kind and empathetic way that helped me to feel comfortable with making big changes. I felt comfortable sharing my insecurities with her and knew that she would always be available for questions and support. I recommend Reed’s services to everyone when I get a chance and will continue to do so.”

– Emma, individualized wellness coaching client

FitFeedByReed Virtual Wellness Coaching Testimonial By Emma N.

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“Reed is easily the most genuine person I’ve ever met. She truly cares about her clients and their progress. In the time I’ve worked with her, she’s NEVER shamed me for falling short of a goal. Instead, we work together to find a new way I get there, which is incredibly important to me. I’d highly recommend her, no matter where you are in your journey!”

– Ericka, small group wellness coaching client

FitFeedByReed Small Group Wellness Coaching Testimonial By Ericka Hughes

I decided 2020 was going to be the year I focused on creating new habits and focusing on my health, so when The Fit by Reed announced the “New Decade New You” program I knew I had to budget to make this a priority for myself. Each week builds off of one another to focus on and assist in creating the building blocks to achieve overall health and wellness. I am so grateful to have taken the time to start this process out at the beginning of the year, especially with the craziness of 2020 and the challenges of staying home and quarantining. I referred back to all of my notes several times during quarantine to ensure I was staying on track, setting goals and moving my body during the week. With challenging myself I have not gained the quarantine 15 but I have been able to lose 12 lbs. I am so grateful to have found Reed and her positivity each week to challenge us and keep us on track! Sign up you will not regret it!!

– Jenn, small group wellness coaching client

small group training client testimonial

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“Reed is not only an incredible wellness coach, she’s a ball of sunshine that can light up an entire room simply by her presence. I was living in a remote area for 4 months without gym access. I knew I had to reach out to Reed to see if she could put together a customized workout plan that would work for me at home. I knew she was a great wellness coach already from following her blog and Instagram, but WOW, she blew me away! We got on a call to chat about my goals, any physical limitations from injuries, how many times a week I wanted to workout and she even took note of all the equipment I had at home so I could get a completely tailored-to-me plan! Some of the workouts only took me 30 minutes and I was more exhausted and sore the next day than when I’ve spent over an hour in the gym lifting heavy weights at the rack. I would highly recommend Reed to anyone who’s looking to feel inspired, healthy, stress-free about workouts and nutrition and just more positive about life in general. She is a total rockstar and an absolute joy to work with!”

– Ashley, customized exercise programming client

FitFeedByReed Wellness Coaching Testimonial By Ashley Ringaman

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