The #1 Question to Ask Yourself When Starting Something New

The #1 Question to Ask Yourself When Starting Something New

I recently saw someone post a piece of content that said something along the lines of “I hate to break it to you, but if you don’t enjoy your current workout routine, it won’t stick.” To which I thought, “YES, YES AND YES!” It’s easy in the beginning of the year to focus on what diet plan or exercise routine has most recently been hyped in the media or has shown up on the cover of Cosmo magazine. We live in a world where the media likes to tell us what our bodies need… I’ll save that soapbox rant for another day.

The challenge with running because “you have to run to lose weight” or eating keto because “it’s the fastest way to shed fat,” is that these solutions are often sought out of desperation rather than desire. I cannot tell you the number of clients that have come to me thinking they “need” to be low carb or vegan, have to do HIIT or Crossfit, or need to download the latest meditation app in order to reach their goals. All of these solutions have a place in the world, but the real question when starting something new, is this…

Do you look forward to doing it?

This isn’t to say that you should only do things you enjoy, because being successful in anything also requires a certain level of discipline. BUT if you want to be paleo for the foreseeable future, I hope you get excited to find new paleo recipes and restaurants. If you want to embark on a journey of building strength, I hope you enjoy going to the gym (at least most of the time) to lift weights, whether that’s in a group setting, with a trainer, or on your own. If you want to work on meditation, I hope you’ve explored other mindfulness solutions and have come to realize that meditation puts you most at peace.

There are plenty of wellness solutions on the market, so give yourself the space to explore when starting something new. The way to truly find the sustainable solution for your health is to find things you enjoy! If you love Zumba, do Zumba. If adult coloring books allow you to really put the workday behind you and the minutes fly by with a colored pencil in your hand, then do that for your mindfulness! Whatever it may be, recognize that the things we find joy in will be the easiest to sustain.

Seek the things that support your health and ALSO make you smile 🙂 Though most of us don’t jump for joy at the gym every single day, make sure that most days it provides an experience that leaves you wanting more!

If you are interested in starting something new and are looking to create sustainable habit change, I would love to connect and offer you a complimentary discovery session! Learn more about my coaching services here 🙂