The Answer to What’s Holding You Back

I’ve really been getting into early morning writing sessions… like 5am dates with my keyboard :) So today is no different. I’m sipping my coffee and word vomiting all over this page with some sense of literary cohesion.

As some of you may know and some may not know, I stepped into full time entrepreneurship about a month ago and wow have my eyes been opened to a whole new world. It’s a world of freedom and excitement and ideation and growth. And it’s also a world that can quickly get lonely and lead you through an emotional roller coaster of highs & lows. I’ve been leaning on some of my favorite entrepreneurial podcasts for encouragement and ideas on how to approach the day. I’ve been reading the Bullet Journal book and am so excited to finish it and begin my BuJo. I’ve been connecting with entrepreneurial groups in Denver that provide connection with like-minded individuals. And most importantly, amidst doing everything in my power that I know to do, I’ve been trusting in God. 

The word “TRUST” has continued to appear in my mind, as I am walking through this season. I need to trust that God has a plan for everything, I need to trust myself in making the best possible choices for my time and energy, I need to trust in the world around me and the potential that is held in their response to the ideas I generate and I need to trust in the process. 

As I’ve been thinking about the concept of trust, I’ve realized this… if we don’t trust, we’ll never take the next step. Trusting isn’t an option if we want to grow in any way. Imagine this… if we didn’t trust that the ground beneath us was solid would we simply avoid walking anywhere for fear of the ground crumbling into an empty abyss? If we didn’t choose to trust another human’s genuine care and kindness would we ever develop friendships or relationships? If we don’t trust, we create, do, develop, execute and craft nothing. Literally nothing.

Trusting isn’t an option. It’s mandatory to existence. So what do you need to trust more? Skepticism and fear don’t propel us into action; trust does. Keep that in mind the next time you start something new, shift into a new season or finally step forward into the unknown. TRUST like your life depends on it, because it does ;)

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