The Reason I'm Smiling

The Reason I’m Smiling: YOU

My to-do list feels like it’s overflowing right now. It is loaded with expectations I have set for myself over the next few days, as we head into the holiday season and the new year is quickly approaching; both prime times for someone who works in the blogging and wellness space. I have 25 million ideas I want to execute on, only so much time and a fire in my belly that feels like it’s been reignited by some recent events in my life. That to-do list is currently sitting right behind this blank word document, as I write here, and you know what? For some reason, I sat down to start working this morning and realized that what I needed was some space to write, to think and most importantly, to express gratitude for all the amazing things that have happened since last Thanksgiving.

I’ve really grown in my gratitude practice over the past few years; praying and giving thanks more regularly, journaling and allowing space for my mind to continuously see the good in situations, but it isn’t every day that I directly express my gratitude to others. So here I am, doing just that. Why? Because it would be silly for me not to recognize the external things that have allowed me to find so much peace in my work and my life over the last year. I’ve never failed to be highly intrinsically motivated, but guess what… it takes two to tango and all the fire in my belly means nothing, if there aren’t people on the other side who want to connect, read my content and work with me as a coach. Every client I’ve worked with this year, every text or direct message I’ve received and every conversation I’ve had, has not gone unnoticed for it’s importance in continually reminding me why I do what I do. 

I never formally wrote about my transition out of the corporate world, on the blog, but now feels like the right time. I’ve worked in the wellness world as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor or marketer for 6 years now. There has been ebbs and flows in whether I have spent a greater portion of my time coaching or sitting in a corporate office, but there has always been elements of both. Choosing to train/coach full time has always been the much “riskier” selection; the choice that came with a weird schedule, working holidays and more financial variability. It’s a choice that many of my friends and family still scratch their head at, but the more that I share the more they understand. It seemed crazy to a lot of people that I would choose to be in a sweaty gym, wearing stretch pants, rather than a swanky corporate office in a pencil skirt. It seemed crazy that I would opt for 3am alarms over 9am conference calls. And it seemed really crazy that I would step away from a very comfortable salary, to an industry that has great opportunity, but paychecks that vary in amount. 

Last year at this time, I was sitting in a corporate office thinking through all these trade-offs. I prayed so much that God was saying “Reed, I already told you what you need to do, just start listening.” I had talked with friends and family about my hopes and dreams and it was clear as I talked out loud that I already knew what my next step was. I already knew that I was being called back into full-time coaching, even after beginning to take steps up the corporate ladder. I knew what it felt like to coach for hours on end and I wanted that feeling back. Most importantly, I wanted to follow the guidance that God had given me to pursue the work that allowed me to best embrace my strengths. We are all put on this earth with a certain handful of gifts and it is our duty to share those with others.

There is a lot of things that have changed in the last year of my life, and what I am most grateful for is all the incredible people who have cheered for me along the way! To say you all mean a lot to me, would be an understatement. Keep reaching out, keep asking questions, keep spreading love and I will continue to do the same for y’all 🙂 

Happy Thanksgiving!