Upper Body Equipment Free Workout

Upper Body Equipment Free Workout

Working your upper body when doing at-home workouts can be a bit more challenging than lower body and core. It often feels like there aren’t as many options. Push ups are a common go-to bodyweight exercise, but what else? I wanted to share an Upper Body Equipment Free workout with you that will help you to challenge both your pushing and pulling muscles!

Upper Body Equipment Free Workout

Upper Body Equipment Free Workout

Downdog Pose x 10 sec
Plank Shoulder Taps x 10 total
Arm Circles x 10

**complete 3 rounds**

Walk Out Plank x 8
Cobra Lat Pull Downs x 10
Push Up w/ Alternating Single Arm Row x 8 total
Tricep Dips x 10
**complete 4 rounds**


Read below about each specific exercise to perfect your form!

Upper Body Exercise Breakdown

Walk Out Plank

This one is great for both your core and your shoulders! Everyone loves a good shoulder workout 🙂 Focus on pulling your navel in toward your spine and keeping your hips in line, for an engaged core, as you walk your hands out and back in.

Push Up w/ Alternating Single Arm Row

Work both the front and back of your upper body with this move – pecs AND back, let’s go! Keep an active core and a slightly wider stance with your feet to help keep your hips level as you pull your arm up for the single arm row.

Cobra Lat Pull Downs

Think about the feeling of doing lat pull downs at the gym – use your mind-muscle connection to focus on flexing those same muscle groups as you do your reps. Keep your feet on the floor, only lifting your upper body and really squeezing your back as you pull your elbows into your sides.

Tricep Dips

You should be feeling every rep of this movement in the back of your arms. Oooh those triceps! Keep your hips lifted off the ground as you bend into your elbows, then press the floor away to complete your rep.

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