No Yo Yo Dieting Work With Me

Sick of Yo-Yo Dieting? Tired of Being Sick & Tired? CLICK HERE for a Better Solution!

Are you tired of being stressed, knowing you need to improve your health?

Do you want to feel good again, so you can focus on your real passions in life, rather than your next meal?

Are you seeking a solution that will create sustainable change?

I would love to walk alongside you on your journey to feeling better, looking better and living better! 

As a certified nutrition coach (Pn1) and personal trainer (NASM) with 6 years of experience in the wellness arena, I work to improve the health of others through behavior change coaching to benefit the mind and body. The goal is to create sustainable change that will allow you to live your best life without obsessing over your next meal or workout.

I offer wellness coaching services that provide a customized plan for YOUR needs and goals. Through education, coaching and connection, you will have the opportunity to more deeply understand your relationship with food and exercise, gaps in your wellness knowledge and ultimately understand the steps you need to take for improved health!

Through coaching with The Fit Feed by Reed, you will be guided by a “habit stacking” approach that allows you to be supported in tackling one goal a week. With resources, accountability and a cheerleader in the stands, you will solidify a new goal each week, to build a comprehensive and healthier approach to your life.

If you’re interested in working with me, my coaching is as follows…

For less than $50 a week you can create sustainable change, through simple steps to stress less, eat smart, and move more.


The journey starts with a 45-minute discovery session so you can share your story with me and I can customize the best plan for you ($69).

*Must live within 15 miles of zip code 55416 for an in-person discovery session.

From there, each month ($199 for 4 weeks of coaching) you will get…

  • A customized, habit-stacking plan, based on your needs and goals
  • Weekly 30 minute coaching calls to…
    • Talk through your progress from the previous week
    • Work through any road-blocks you experienced
    • Plan for the week ahead
    • Provide resources, recipes, etc. to help you successfully shift your habits

*Minimum 8 week commitment

Please reach out to with any interest or inquiries! It’s time to take hold of your health with renewed habits that you can take with you for a lifetime.

I look forward to connecting!