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Creating lasting change one habit at a time.

Are you tired of attempting another diet or fitness program, only to have it be a momentary fix? Do you want to feel good again, so you can focus on your real passions in life, rather than your next meal? Are you seeking a solution that will create sustainable change?

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Habit Coaching

Improve your stress, sleep, hydration, nutrition, activity, and exercise.

Group Coaching

Join a wellness coaching group led by Reed and make change in community.

Personal Training

Optimize your workout regimen to reach and maintain your fitness goals.

Hello, I am Coach Reed!​

Are you looking for ways you can create sustainable habit change in your life? Do you want to get off of the yo-yo diet train where nothing seems to keep the weight off for long? Together, we can design your life with improved health habits so you can stay focused on what matters most.

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Habit Coaching

Virtual Program Highlights

Emphasis on mindset, nutrition + movement

Highly individualized programming

Weekly virtual video sessions

Weekly health habit development

Comprehensive approach to your wellness

Weekly wellness habit coaching helps you to build a healthier life with an individualized approach. You will be guided by a “habit stacking” method that allows you to be supported in tackling one goal a week, in the areas of stress, sleep, hydration, nutrition, activity, and exercise. This comprehensive approach is just the answer for those ready to get off the roller coaster of yo-yo dieting and fad exercise trends!

Group Coaching

Virtual Program Highlights

Emphasis on mindset, nutrition + movement

Small group environment

Connect with others, led by Coach Reed

Weekly virtual video sessions

Cost effective option

Comprehensive approach to your wellness

In small group wellness coaching, you will join a group of 10 or fewer individuals, to build community as you track toward your goals! Over the 10-week course we will cover the topics of goal setting, stress, sleep, hydration, finding balance between nourishing & fun foods, building your plate, meal prepping, activity, exercise, and reflection, all over weekly video calls. Sessions happen throughout the year - submit interest to find out when the next one launches!

Personal Training

In-Person Or Virtual

Emphasis on Movement

Highly individualized programming

High accountability

Work with Coach Reed for every session

Pairs well with wellness coaching

Optimize your exercise routine

Receive individualized instruction and programming to achieve your fitness goals and learn how to move better! This option can be easily combined with wellness coaching too, if you are interested in taking a comprehensive approach to your health. You can choose between 30 or 60 minute sessions which take place online by video conference or at your home or apartment gym (in-person training limited within 10 miles of zip code 80111 - Greenwood Village, CO).

So What's the First Step?

If you feel clear on which option will serve you best, click on the "get started" button above, next to your preferred program. If you are unsure of which program will serve you best, click below to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with Coach Reed!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is habit coaching?

Habit coaching digs deep into the motivation behind your daily routines and habits. Rather than simply prescribing a set plan of action for you, this approach assesses your strengths and opportunities to determine the best way of improving your mindset, nutrition + movement habits. It is a comprehensive approach to your wellness with the intention of creating lasting results.

What is personal training?

Personal training is individualized coaching to improve your approach to movement. It is an opportunity to perfect your form, along with your mobility, strength, power, cardiovascular endurance, and more, depending on your goals. When personalized programming is paired with expert instruction, you'll discover the efficiency and effectiveness of personal training. 

What do I need to know before starting coaching?

Coach Reed will guide you through all the necessary steps of improving your health, so there is nothing you need to prepare ahead of time. It is suggested that you have an idea of your goals and why you are motivated to achieve those goals.

Why type of coaching is right for me?

This depends on your goals and the learning environment you thrive in. Coach Reed has a number of options to work with your preferences. If you are interested in scheduling a complimentary Discovery Session to talk with Coach Reed about your specific situation, please reach out at the "Message Coach Reed" button above.

How long do coaching sessions last?

This depends on the type of coaching you have selected, but most virtual habit coaching sessions last ~45 minutes, each week, and personal training sessions are generally purchased in 60 minute increments.